Yee Chie Tu

Study Stress?

While my study deadline has been creeping closer after a few extensions due to past mental health issues, I am taking it all fairly calmly. I've learned to avoid stressing about things and just keep pushing forward. Perhaps, maybe there's some subconscious stress? My body does appear to feel a bit of unease.

I'm almost there, but finalizing the exam plan and taking the exams themselves might push me right up against the deadline, or even past it, depending on the examiner's availability. My employer, who generously covers the study costs, has a firm deadline of June 1st, diploma or no diploma.

Given that, I'm not giving up when I'm so close to finishing. If necessary, I might consider extending it a month or two at my expense. I hope this will be possible…

To take the edge off and continue with the study with a fresh boost, I plan to go away for a weekend. Perhaps this might help me feel less uneasy.

#notes #study