Yee Chie Tu

About Me

Firstly, Hello! And welcome to my digital space. If you haven't noticed it yet, my name is Yee Chie and I use “he/him” as pronouns.

My full name is pronounced “EE-chee TOO,” with a “ch” sound like in “cheese” and an “ee” sound like in “seeing.” Online, I often go by the nickname “Yinchie” across various forums and games.

Born in the Netherlands, I grew up in the village of Eersel, with parents from Taiwan and Singapore. Currently, I live near Roermond in Limburg, where they have the real “Limburgse Vlaai”.

Since growing up wasn't always easy, the internet offered an escape and grew my interest in technology and computers. As life unfolded, this continued to be my passion and hobby.

I couldn't turn my passion into a full-time career, but I don't regret it. I have an energetic job that pays well and keeps me busy; rather than sitting in the chair all day.

Free Speech

I believe everyone has a voice worth sharing, as long as it's their own. In a world that sometimes feels fake, I strive to be genuine and real 1.

I absolutely do not support the cancel culture.


I no longer have an account on most of the big tech social media platforms due to privacy concerns. In other words, I am moving away from centralized social media in favor of the Fediverse 2.


Some of my interests are hiking, nature, wellness, nude recreation, computers and internet, anime, and amateur photography.

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